Technews 4 everyone: Laptops could leave sterile their users

Laptops could leave sterile their users

Sometimes we have listened that X-rays, the cellular ones, the furnace microwaves, etc., could leave us sterile. In this case an urban legend was truth: Laptops can leave sterile their users. How? The urologist Yelim Sheynkin of the State University of New York realised studied in which it verified that the heat produced by laptop could affect the reproductive health of the men. This only applies when the portable PC is placed on the legs when it is being used, since the study verified that the temperature of escroto rose quickly when the hot surface of laptop in the lap of the men was put. The study was based on the measurements of 29 men to whom one was placed to them laptop on the legs. After a quarter of an hour, the temperature of his escroto rose 2,5 degrees, a measurement superior at the recommendable levels. It is possible to remember that if the testicles are outside the body it is indeed so that they have a smaller temperature to the one of the body and it as well allows the correct production of the spermatozoa.


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