Technews 4 everyone: A million sold units of Samsung Galaxy Tab

A million sold units of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apparently, Samsung has seted out to be the most serious competitor of Apple. First with its received good smartphone Samsung Galaxy S and now with its Galaxy tablet Tab. The goal of the company is to sell a million tablets in a relatively short period. It is probable obtains, you here tenth because. It is necessary to recognize that the past year the Samsung had not hardly penetrated of so excellent form in the world of smartphones until sent its recent Samsung Galaxy S, that until the had moment sales of five million sold units. Apparently this is being repeated in the now famous segment of tablet PC, in which Samsung has had a good penetration with its tablet. It is possible to emphasize that to the date other two tablets with Android have been sent, but have not had the same results of sales. They have not occurred to know the data sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it is very probable that they are high so that Samsung sets out to reach million units sold before east year finishes. And to obtain it, it would mean to be in relative proximity of sales of iPad, that calculates that before finishes the year they are 5 million sold Apple tablets. It is possible to remember that, in comparison, iPad surpasses in the days of stay in the market, because the past summer was sent.


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