Technews 4 everyone: Oakley lenses in 3D

Oakley lenses in 3D

The revolution of 3D arrives at the famous manufacturer of Oakley lenses. Gascan is the new model of lenses that you will be able to use in all the rooms of cinema which they project films in third dimension. The technological tendency reaches other areas as it is the case of the automobiles, the communication, and now until the one of the fashion. The Oakley mark is a well-known company to design lenses for the Sun mainly. It has been made famous own vanguardistas designs that have been of the taste of famous stars and some celebrities of the sport. Recently Oakley had the good idea to be in synchronous with the new technological tendencies that use to the lenses to be able to visualize of correct form the third dimension. For this reason, it designed his new model of lenses to which Gascan called and that will work with the films in 3D exhibited in the rooms of cinemas. The company affirms that besides his novel design it will be able to correctly visualize the images in all angles, without the user must move to be able to appreciate them. In addition, it assures that all the colors will be able to attract without it changes them to the lenses of tonality. Gascan was designed by the chief of a main directorate of Oakley, Colin Baden, and will have a considered price of 1.500 pesos Mexican. They will be sent is the United States in December. 

Source Image: Google Images
Source Information: PC World


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