Technews 4 everyone: Rocketmelt a new navigator

Rocketmelt a new navigator

The social networks have arrived at the navigators of Internet thanks to RockMelt. This new proposal will make the same functions that IE, Firefox, Chrome, to mention some; with the difference that Integra in its own interface to Facebook and Twitter. A new navigator Web, is released in called beta version Rockmelt. He must like objective be in contact with the enemy with your favorite friendly of Facebook, your sites, and make the searches faster Web. Endorsed by the founder of Netscape Marc Andreessen, Rockmelt was announced for the first time by The New York Times in August of 2009. Then, Rockmelt supposedly was going to be a navigator of Internet of next designed generation to take advantage of the new applications and services Web. A year later, Rockmelt seems to be only another navigator of social networks similar to Flock. Like Flock, Rockmelt incorporates the activity of social networks in the lateral bars of the navigator so that it can stay to the day on the activities of his friendly, while you sail by other Web sites. Unlike Flock, nevertheless, Rockmelt counts on a unique beginning of profile session that can be used in any other equipment that it has installed RocketMelt. If you wish to prove Rockmelt, you can registrarte for the beta limited in with your ID of Facebook.


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