Technews 4 everyone: SHOWWX+, picoproyector for iPad and iPhone 4

SHOWWX+, picoproyector for iPad and iPhone 4

SHOWWX+ is an accessory of Microvision apt for the devices of Apple, is iPad, iPod Touch or even of iPhone 4. The picoproyector will allow a resolution that remains in 848 xs 480 pixels with a diagonal and that can be expanded in walls of 12 to 100 inches. With an index of luminosity of fifteen lumina and it does not have a high contrast of 5.000:1 that will not be variable in any of the cases, either modifiable. SHOWWX+ can be what you need if you want to project images or films, although also apt for soccers match in great spaces. It is not that he is nothing economic, but seeing the prices of other projectors of the market even can be cheap for the average pocket. He is only functional on devices of Apple and compatible with iOS and not with other operating systems of the market. The price of SHOWWX+ is of about 335 Euros and it is available in the official Web.


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