Technews 4 everyone: Tron: The Legacy of Disney arrives at the cinemas in Christmas

Tron: The Legacy of Disney arrives at the cinemas in Christmas

The science film fiction but waited for of the year " Tron: The Legacy" of Disney, carried out by the recent winner of the Oscar Jeff Bridges, the beautiful Olivia Wilde and directed by Joseph Kosinski, it initiates the regressive account in his way to the rooms of the cinemas worldwide and Peru is not other people's to this fever that already invades all the planet. " Tron: The Legado" it is a sequel of the tape of 80" s of the same name and was an authentic revolution, as much by its thematic one as by its special, pioneering effects for the time. The 25 of December are the chosen date so that it arrives at the screens of all the cinemas of our country. In this new sequel, awarded Jeff Bridges will retake more than twenty years later its personage of Kevin Flynn, a programmer who is introduced within a computer living in a parallel world. Now he will be his Sam son, interpreted by Garrett Hedlund, that will be entered in this fantastic world in search of its father. " Tron: The Legacy is a high tech adventure in 3D that takes place in a digital world. Sam Flynn, interpreted by young actor Garrett Hedlund, an expert in technology of 27 years son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), investigates the disappearance of its father and it is put in the same world of violent programs and games of fight where his father has been living last the 25 years. Next to the loyal informer of Kevin, Quorra (Olivia Wilde), embarks in an adventure to life or death through cyber universal that has been done more advanced and much more dangerous. Under the direction of Joseph Kosinski this film that has been rolled with the last technology in 3D and will be released in format IMAX. They accompany to Bridges in the list other faces known like Olivia Wilde (13 in the series of House television), James Frain (the Tudor) and Michael Sheen (Underworld, New Moon).

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