Technews 4 everyone: Windows Phone 7 in Mexico is released

Windows Phone 7 in Mexico is released

After some weeks of delay and after the recent launching of near 10 models of Windows Phone 7 in the United States, today the opening of the novel operating system in Mexico announced, working in elegant model LG Optimus 7. What offers this showy gadget? For example, the function " Play To" it allows to send, with the touch of a finger, archives multimedia through Wi-Fi, to different devices qualified with technology DLNA like screens, Blu-ray devices, Xbox 360 and systems of audio, offering a new form to share information from the telephone. In addition, megapixeles with flashLED counts on a digital camera of 5, recording of videos in HD, system GPS with system of suggestions to make a route, and compatibility with the quick network faster 3.5G. “Very we are moved by the arrival to Mexico of WP7, a designed telephone so that you can do more in less steps. This new operating system brings to the market a different telephone, that it offers incomparable a movable experience and it allows that the device works better for people, when integrating the things that the people interest to them more. Mexico is a very important country for Microsoft and proof of this is that Mexico is the first country from Latin America at which Windows Phone 7 arrives”, commented Juan Alberto González, Chief of a main directorate of Microsoft Mexico. The LG Optimus 7 with Windows Phone 7 already is available with distrubuidores Telcel in all the country, or contratándo a plan to 18 months " But by Menos" (and paying about $4.500 pesos) or with system of pre-payment to a price of $9.000 pesos.


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