Technews 4 everyone: Apple hopes to sell more iPhones this 2011

Apple hopes to sell more iPhones this 2011

Although iPhone 4 had some faults of manufacture, and therefore it obtained innumerable critics, smartphone of Apple had good sales in 2010, same that the company of Steve Jobs hopes to surpass in the following trimester. In 2010 iPhone had sales by 19 million units, number that Apple thinks to elevate to 21 million in the first trimester of the 2011. Nevertheless, Digitimes, vestibule that it presented this information, also affirm that the company of the apple thinks to reach to that number, in spite of smartphones that makes direct competition to iPhone as it is it Samsung Galaxy or the N8 de Nokia. Another one of the goals of Apple is to reach the 15,5 million units in the end this last trimester of the year to reach 47 sold million of iPhones in 2010. Also, Digitimes affirms that it will be Foxconn that makes new iPad 2, and so the rumors are increased that the new device could be sent before February of 2011. 

Source: PC world


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