Technews 4 everyone: Facebook, new evidence for divorces

Facebook, new evidence for divorces

The social network Facebook has become the new favorite tool to present/display evidences in judgments of divorces in the United States, where 66% of the familiar lawyers said to have clients who use that site to face their pairs in the court. Evidences cyberneticses The American Academy of Married Lawyers revealed that 80% of the tests of married infidelity that they appear at the moment in cases of divorce they are samples of interaction of the defendant of disloyalty in the social networks, but among them emphasizes Facebook. Another 15% said that their clients found the tests in Myspace and she extracted them to 5% of messages in Twitter. According to the organization of lawyers, Facebook allows its users to encounter again people of its past and to know new possibilities, and this takes in many of the cases to the infidelity.At the same time, Facebook creates habit in many users who end up spending long periods of time to sail the world-wide network and ignore to their spouses and children. The legal organization said that the enthusiastic users of Facebook forget that commentaries write that can read all world and send from fulfilled to flirting to people who find in the social network.

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