Technews 4 everyone: Facebook, third visited site more in 2010

Facebook, third visited site more in 2010

Google and Microsoft respectively remain intact in the first two places; the social network supplants to Yahoo of the summit internaut.

According to east ComScore year, the popular social network, Facebook managed to remove to Yahoo more from the three sites visited anywhere in the world this 2010. In addition, the site Co-founded by the man of the year according to the Time magazine, surpassed to Google in dwell time in the situated one with four hours, on the three of Google. In addition, ComScore indicates that almost half of the internauts of the world entered to east Facebook year, that is to say, a 49 percent. Hardly in November of the last year, Yahoo surpassed in unique visits to Facebook by a 40 percent, with 601,5 million unique visits against 438 million. This 2010, Facebook reached the 647 million views against the 630 million Yahoo. The first place, conserves Google with 970 million visits, on the 869 million visits to Microsoft.  



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