Technews 4 everyone: Skype adds videocalls to the Iphone

Skype adds videocalls to the Iphone

A new version of the gratuitous application for iPhone of Skype SA will allow the people to do and to receive videocalls in its devices of Apple Inc. The users of the service of telephony and mail by Internet in the United States will be able to use so much the networks of Wi-Fi as the cellular network 3G of the operator of AT& telephony; Inc. T. The FaceTime program that only comes with iPhone works with Wi-Fi networks. The software of Skype offers gratuitous services like voice calls or video to other users of Skype. The users pay a relatively low quota in exchange for obtaining additional services, as the capacity to make calls from a computer to a fixed telephone or a cellular one. In the first semester of 2010, videocalls represented a 40% of all the minutes spent to the gratuitous services of calls by Skype, said the company. iPhone 4, that was sent in June in the United States, was first iPhone in including two cameras, one of them frontal one to make videoconferences. The device includes FaceTime, that allows the users to realise videollamadas to whom they have the same model, iPod Touch of more recent model or a Mac computer. Until now, nevertheless, FaceTime does not work with telephones by means of the own cellular network and it does not allow to make calls to equipment based on Windows. The version updated of ' ' App' ' iTunes of Apple was published Thursday in the store. He will allow that gratuitous users of iPhone the 4 and iPhone 3G do videocalls to other users of Skype who use the same application or have access to the function through Skype in their computer or some other telephone with video capacity. The users of iPod more recent Touch also will be able to realise calls of video through Wi-Fi. The application will also allow to receive videocalls in the devices iPad and iPod Touch of previous generations, said Skype. 

Source: Google News


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