Technews 4 everyone: In 2011 we will be able to do videocalls from Skype

In 2011 we will be able to do videocalls from Skype

Skype counts on an application for iPhone with which we can realise gratuitous calls to other users who have the application installed in iPhone or Mac. In diverse means iPod Touch is being rumored that Skype could announce the support for videocalls in movable devices like iPhone and during the event ESC 2011 that will take place at the beginning of the month that comes. In the documentation of aid in line that it has Skype which affirms that the users of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad will be able to realise videocalls, is strange since some of these devices do not have camera. Also in this specific documentation that stops to realise videocalls version 3.0 of Skype is required that at this moment is in the 2.1.2.


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