Technews 4 everyone: Jumo the new social network in Internet

Jumo the new social network in Internet

The creator of Jumo Chris Hughes wants to turn to his page in one " political force efective". The cofounder of Facebook Chris Hughes, sent a new social network to which “Jumo” called, which will be ligature to the beneficial causes of the users. After the donations by the catastrophe in Haiti, " we saw what people were prepared to do" , Hughes said. " We are the connection between individuals and organizations who work to change world" , it says the main page of the new social network created by Chris Hughes, person in charge of the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in the social networks. Hughes wants to turn to its page in one " political force efective" , according to The New York Times informs. In Jumo, the pertinent articles, messages of Twitter and the videos of YouTube will be added to the pages, and the users will be able to add their commentaries. These will be able to find their friendly of Facebook and also to follow their approved projects and the problems in the site. Its intention is to create bows between users and the favorite causes of the same. " The more tie it is an individual to a cause that interests to him, is a greater probability of than it continues collaborating within time the more large" , it observed. Jumo was started up with more than 3 thousand subjects and groups, nevertheless, in words of Hughes " any person with a social mission can create one página". Although the site will be sent east Tuesday, it already has 66 thousand registered users. In order to do it is only necessary it to have a user in Facebook.


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