Technews 4 everyone: Google Editions will be available on December 2010

Google Editions will be available on December 2010

Google, the corporative giant of services in Internet, will abrirá at the end of December in the United States its electronic book store, Google Editions, after half year of delay. Google Editions will increase the competition in the electronic book market, an area of fast expansion that predominates and to that already Apple entered also. Google glided abrir to its electronic book store at the end of June or principles of last July, but technical and legal problems delayed the opening. The giant of the Web will offer an open process so that the text can be read in multiple additions or electronic readers, unlike many of its competitors, and so it tries to modify the existing conditions in the present electronic book market. With this proposal, the users will be able to have access to their account of Google and its books from the majority of the electronic additions that have a navigator for Internet, including computers, intelligent telephones, tablets and electronic readers. The electronic book sales were increased in 176 percent in 2009 to add about 169,6 million dollars, in agreement with statistics of the American Association of Publishers. With the intention to be a competitor feared in the market, the company promised to commercialize its electronic books to a price different from its editions in paper from until a 80 percent less.

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