Technews 4 everyone: reveal advance of Google+1

reveal advance of Google+1

The giant of Mountain View could send a new version of the finder, by means of which information can be shared

Google is sent to the competition of the social networks again with not yet confirmed Google+1 In agreement with the Techcrunch vestibule, the giant of Mountain View glides to send a new version, by means of which the information can be shared that generates the search, apart from which the users will be able to register themselves to initiate a session in Google. Although the versions have not been confirmed to the 100%, a filtration gave to a small advance of probable the new Google version " + 1" The prototype that was well-known also as Emerald Is, is a new attempt of the successful company of California to do against the social networks, mainly against Facebook, whose " guerra" well-known but it is not recognized by its founders, but it is confirmed with this new tool. With this project that preume leaves the incoming year, Google could try to surpass the failures that it has had in this competition against the social networks with the applications Wave and Buzz. This revelation on the part of the Techcrunch site leaves shortly after which Google announced the characteristics of its operating system Chrome OS.  

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