Technews 4 everyone: Google against Amazon

Google against Amazon

Google is added to the battle of electronic books. Monday his appeared yesterday in the United States eBooks Store, a platform of digital book sale that is born with more than 300,000 new titles and other three million public dominion. With this announcement a battle between giants begins, with Amazon and its Kindle to the other side of Ring, leader in the sector but more and more surrounded by competitors. At the moment, it only works in the United States, but in the next months it will arrive at different European countries, also to Spain. The model of business of Google is different from the one from Amazon and from the one from other European or American initiatives. eBooks Store is not associate to any device nor specific format. The books will be able to read on line, in our particular library, in any computer, tablet or moving body of last generation, or unloading a file (common pdf or other formats) compatible yet safe type of readers… the Kindle de Amazon. In Spain, Libranda has not reached still an agreement with the company either that directs Jeff Bezos, although in both cases, at least officially, a pact in the future does not discard. On approval of pirates In the United States, according to Luis Col, director of Google Books and Google News for Spain and Portugal, agreements with the main publishers have been signed. In Spain, not yet they have finished that work. “We go on a par with other European countries. We have signed several agreements, and we continued negotiating with all, great and small”. Precise col that Google is only the technological partner of the publishers, and who will be these who fix the prices. In order to tranquilize to the sector, the company of Mountain View has accepted to include a DRM antipiracy in the unloaded archives. The objective of the multinational, however, is that we create our personal library in the cloud, one more an extension of its multiple services on line. In order to begin to read it will be necessary to have connection to Internet, but then, as it happens with the electronic mails, we could follow off line. Col insists on which eBooks Sotre is “a platform abierta, in that we will be able to buy directly to Google or to particular bookstores, always from the same”. The growth of Google, until becoming powerful and scrutinized the multinational of today, has been based on gratuitous products and their dominion of the market of the publicity in the Network, origin of the 95 percent of its income. But, step by step, without pause, it looks for other businesses. The launching of the moving body Nexus One failed, the operating system Android has been a success, and now they scratch in the publishing business.

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