Technews 4 everyone: Skype could arrive “at the cloud”

Skype could arrive “at the cloud”

Skype has in the last realised important movements months having looked for to stay like the favorite of telephony Voice-IP before the increasing competition that faces services like the one of great competitors like Google, and other that without being so great, have begun to clear something to him of market and what would be the solution? , to offer services in the cloud. In the cloud? That is at least what diverse means specialized in technology in the United States like Techcrunch affirm, something that would be a total change suffering that Skype always has based its service in programs with base on our computers, and the change could appear less than in 4 months, with the possibility that its arrival was accompanied of integrations with social networks like LinkedIn, something that would be phenomenal to be able to us to communicate without needing going to the application. The company would look for to continue obtaining its gains to offer Premium services like messages or calls to fixed telephones, it has come as it doing, but being useful the fact that it could be integrated in any page, reason why it will offer an affiliation program to award and to report of the gains to the pages that integrate their system and that they obtain sales of these characteristics. We will have to hope to see if the rumor becomes reality.


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