Technews 4 everyone: Creating images of 3D from 2D

Creating images of 3D from 2D

The biometric technology allows to the verification of the identity of an individual through parameters such as fingerprints, face rainbows, voice, DNA, or even, characteristics. Nevertheless, since the majority of the faces has many things common (two eyes, a nose, etc.), it is sometimes difficult them biometric systems to recognize a face of images in two dimensions. With this in mind, the investigators of the Atlantic University of Florida (FAU), in Boca Raton, have created a computer algorithm that is able to create three-dimensional models from images in 2 dimensions. The systems begin with a “face synthesized” generic in 3D, the basic parameters from which they obtain a good number of three-dimensional images of human faces. When an image in two dimensions of a person is, the computer projects the face synthesized in the flat image. The algorithm compensates the poses or the illumination of the face in 2D, and transfers the characteristics of the subject in the synthesized face, creating a three-dimensional approach. The investigators of the FAU think that the technology could be not only applied to photographies, but also to recordings of closed circuits of security TV, to be used in criminal investigations or search of lost people. Somebody has suggested could even serve to create three-dimensional images of celebrities of the past.

Source: GizMag


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