Technews 4 everyone: Blackberry Playbook arrives at Mexico in May

Blackberry Playbook arrives at Mexico in May

The BB Playbook will be available in Mexico, as of May by less than 500 dollars. To thus it affirmed a manager it of RIM in Mexico. Between the characteristics that will do of tablet a powerful competitor in this segment is: its screen LCD of 7 inches of hi-res, processor dual-Core of 1GHz, 1GB of ram and the propietary operating system of Blackberry and the weight is the best thing, only 400 grams. In addition, he is compatible with Adobe Flash Player 10,1, supports HTML5 and it counts on ports microUSB, miniUSB and HDMI. The equipment supports multitasks and " appears like the first device; profesional" of the segment. Unlike iPad, Blackberry PlayBook has two cameras, a frontal and another later for videoconferences and capture of video. It is the new news since this device will be more accessible to the public not only to a few. The company will present/display his tablet with more than four thousand applications available, and glides to incorporate the enterprise platform Microsoft SharePoint, to administer the contents through the familiar interface of Office. The important thing is to stress that already it begins to see different supply of tablets in the market, which gives a breath to the consumer whom it compares what each offers and mainly by the cost

Source: Google News


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