Technews 4 everyone: Facebook triples its value

Facebook triples its value

In the last 12 months the Facebook phenomenon tripled its value. According to a study of Nypexx its cost is considered in 42 billions of dollars. 2010 were a crucial year for the social network since in agreement with the service of measurement in line Experian Hitwise, Facebook back monopolized 8,93% of the American traffic of January to November, leaving to Google, Yahoo Mail and Youtube. With approximately 650 million followers, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and New Zealand this social network is visited, followed by Twitter and MySpace. After I exist of the vestibule of Mark Zuckerberg, investors deprived like Microsoft, that in 2007 obtained 1,6% of the actions, have added other that have let grow the cost of the same of 15 billions of dollars in 2007 to 42 billions of dollars that reach at present. In May of this year the social network reached a value of 20 billions of dollars. In agreement with the newspaper in line the World, is anticipated that Facebook leaves to the stock market until the 2013. At the moment the company open also offices in Dublin, Ireland. 



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