Technews 4 everyone: The mysterious disappearance of e-mails of thousands of users of Hotmail

The mysterious disappearance of e-mails of thousands of users of Hotmail

The function of electronic mail Hotmail has undergone failures during the last weekend. Different users have alerted of the disappearance of their post office between past Saturday and Sunday. After the night of New Year different people have communicated to the company problems in the service that affected the total disappearance of their lists of post office. Some users who acceded to their trays of entrance of Hotmail found that their post office had been eliminated. Automatically the affected ones have emitted complaints to the people in charge of the service and have commented the incidence through social networks like Twitter. The company has confirmed the existence of the incidences and has assured that the service has completely been restituted. The New Year has brought peculiar failures in some of the great technological companies worldwide. Services of companies like Apple also have undergone misfortunes that have generated critics on the part of the users. To iPhone of Apple the awakener and the service of mail have spoiled him. Possible overloads in the services or failures in the programming can be the causes of which the year has begun with these errors.

Source:Google news


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