Technews 4 everyone: Google adds images to the publicity of Gmail

Google adds images to the publicity of Gmail

The controversial announcements that Google shows in Gmail are making majors and stopping consisting only of text: for days, some users receive publicity with images already when they are reading some electronic mail in his account of Gmail. According to he assured a spokesman Google, the company is at the moment only experimenting with these announcements, reason why to all the they will not see them users. In any case, the publicity with images will follow the same formula that the publicity of always of Gmail: it will be related to the content of emails that the user is reading. The announcements with images are one of the new bets of Google, when going beyond the simple text adding images and sometimes even sound and video. This type of announcements of Google is or in two million Web sites, including some of the company like YouTube or Google Finance (and now Gmail). The publicity in Gmail has been controversial from its beginnings in 2004, indeed by the personalisation of the announcements that respond to the contents of mails. From Google, as The New York Times remembers, they have always defended that the announcements are automatic, and is no person reading the electronic mails.

Source: Google News


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