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Google changes of CEO

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Today there has been much movement in the news with respect to technology since Google, the giant of the searches by Internet, has decided to replace to its CEO Eric Schmidt (to the left of the photo) by Larry Page (to the center), who already had been in this position from 1998 to 2001. In which it would be an official notice of press about the financial results of the last trimester of Google revealed the important news: for April 4 of this year, Larry Page, Co-founder of the company will replace to Eric Schmidt as executive director and will assume responsibilities of the daily operations and strategy of development of the product.With respect to this, Google said in a declaration that Schmidt will externally take the roll from executive president in the company “concentrating itself in treatments, associations, clients and more extensive relations of businesses, contact with the government and leadership of technological thought.” It will continue being an advisory intern of Page and the other Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin (to the right in the image). Until now there are no average indications of misfortune on the part of the most important ones, but rather one has compared to the three founders of Google, standing out his characteristics like industralists. “Mr. Page is distant, cerebral, intensely private and occasionally abrupt. Whereas Mr. Brin is more gregarious,” he published The New York Times today. “Both they shared the distrust of external investors and looked for to maintain the control of the company. They created a structure of double actions that even gave to the interns control in the votes after Google became public.”Schmidt, on the other hand said that “when clarify our individual rolls we will create a responsibility and clearer accountant's office of the company. In my opinion, Larry is ready to direct and I am moved to work with him and Sergey by the long time that is about to come.” With respect to Sergey, he will continue concentrating in technology products, assuming the title of Co-founder instead of his present position like technology president. “It is innovating and enterprising until the bones, and this roll adjusts perfectly to him,” wrote Scmidt in post. The course of the company has been seen somewhat permeado by the competition of other great ones of the Internet like Facebook, leaving in clear that Google has remained back in the aspect of social networks, the phenomenon with greater presence in the use of the network at the moment. With something of hope, this movement of the leaders of Google will be able to bring new airs to the company and to direct it towards other corners that have left without exploring. It is not that Google must be present in everything, but that is to which it has to us until now customary.

Source info:Mashable, The New York Times


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