Technews 4 everyone: Google expands

Google expands

Google Inc. announced that it will contract east year more than 6,200 employees, which could mean a great passage in its plan of expansion. The managers of Google, in agreement with AP, assure that the company will carry out a dynamic hiring of engineers in more creative and representing computers of more persuasive sales. The objective, according to indicated the agency of the news, has like objective that the giant in line maintains its leadership in searches and publicity, as well as the opportunity to offer diverse services in the fields of computer science, the telecommunications and the diffusion. The company did not offer more details, “except for its commitment to engage more people than in 2007, when it added 6.131 employees to his list”. Google contracted the year last to 4.600 people and closed 2010 with 24.400 employees.

Source: Google news


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