Technews 4 everyone: to be to blogger a new profession

to be to blogger a new profession

In the world there are many professions and offices, but thanks to the technology already there is " new professions". one of them is to be to blogger. that in the future not far distant many were dedicated. Blogger as the definition says it to us: He is that one that manages and writes in blog own or for a third party. Having the knowledge to do it correctly. To be to blogger it is only needed to have knowledge and querelo to share, many begin as a hobbie but with the course of the professional time becomes bloggers, this means that they have acquired presence in Internet and they receive remuneration to write. Many blogs have jumped to the .com dominion due to their success. To be to blogger it is needed certainty and dedication to write quality contents, over the years if you have blog you can mint are it different options from minting, which helped that your blog follows in operation. In the United States much people live to write in blog, in other countries to be to blogger is very little known or a hobbie is considered him. But we see that the video blogs that they exist in Youtube is as much successful, and So that blog written does not have it. A simple reason, the video blog interacts with I publish, and blog written only informs. If you want to initiate blog although he is like hobbie asesorate very well, it interacts with your I publish by means of the social networks, commentaries to blog and mainly that your content is of quality. It leaves a commentarys


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