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Google voice

The users will be able to carry their telephone numbers to Google Voice to a cost of 20 dollars. 

The first great passage of Google in the telephone market already is a reality. The company finishes initiating a service of portability at the moment does few hours and available only for a few American users. According to TechCrunch, already it is possible to carry the movable telephone number to Google Voice by means of a program that still is in phase of test and that, by means of a few clicks, will allow the contacts of the user to continue calling to him to his habitual number, that will be associate to an identifying number of Google. The unique thing that there is to do is to enter the section “Phone”, “Settings” and to verify if the option “Change/port” is available, which would mean that the user can begin to enjoy the service already. The portability will have a cost of 20 dollars and will eliminate the bonds with habitual the telephone operator, although the company at issue could demand a payment in case the lingering period has not been marked. The carried number will eliminate any other number that had registered previously with Google Voice. The possible jump from Google to the telephone market becomes possible more and more, in an enterprise movement that without a doubt will put to the telephone operators on warning. If the prosperous initiative and reaches a considerable use, the war of prices between VoIP services and traditional operators are assured.
Source: TechCrunch


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