Technews 4 everyone: the new Mexican social network the new Mexican social network Your life, Your business, Your world is the slogan of this new social network created by students of the University of Xochicalco, in Tijuana.

A Mexican project of social network, realised by students of the University of Xochialco, in Tijuana, North Baja California, is on the verge of bursting in into the cyberspace. " iwiks" it will do against Facebook as of day 21 of January and will have functions for social activities as much as professional, besides the possibility of realising purchases in line. To two days of which it begins to operate this social network already it counts on 55 thousand pre-registries. 

According to it informed, to the Newspaper of Yucatan, Pablo Grover, its director, " iwiks" it tries to break the record, of Facebook, 500 registries per hour to the rising network social."" it is the first Mexican social network, with clear objectives. According to preview that circulates in some sites this new tool, it tries to offer services similar to which offer the other social networks like Facebook and to twitter: chat, e-commerce, video chat and would be integrated to Facebook.  

Although it is a good idea that in Mexico exists a social network 100% done by Mexicans, is necessary to consider that to days of its inauguration "" it tries to do to go against Facebook, is a rising project. Facebook is a very great successful, is necessary to wait for some years if "" it has acceptance between the  publish Mexican. 


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