Technews 4 everyone: Kinect of Microsoft reveals the Avatar of Xbox Kinect

Kinect of Microsoft reveals the Avatar of Xbox Kinect

We have something very exciting for you, Microsoft finishes confirming in CES 2011, the arrival of Avatar of Xbox Kinect. One is Xbox 360 with virtual function of rooms of chat that allows him to act like its digital ups and downs in the screen. Xbox and Kinect allow them to connect themselves in line with friendly. He is brilliant, also can add effects of visual animation to express of creative form his ideas. With Kinect Avatar, a player can invite up to seven friendly to be united to them in one of the 15 imaginative virtual surroundings to reflect his mood and to inspire to his conversations or presentations. To arrive or to leave sessions with unique animations, like flying in a jet pack, or roaring the fingers and to disappear. The Kinect Avatar makes use of Xbox Kinect with sensors to read the gestures and to interpret them in the screen. It even detects his face expressions like the ascent of the eyebrows, to smile, to laugh and other movements. Everything what you need to do is to enter to your Xbox Live counts and enjoys the conference. also you can record these videos in room of chat and share them in Facebook or Twitter. This masterpiece of Microsoft is hoped to send this spring, is free for all the members of Xbox LIVE Gold.


  Source Info: Google News  Source video: Youtube


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