Technews 4 everyone: Supercomputer of IBM wins to ex- champions game of Jeopardy

Supercomputer of IBM wins to ex- champions game of Jeopardy

IBM developed a technology that is able to include/understand and to analyze information to solve questions with a criterion. With this technology it will be possible to create more intelligent machines in the future near. In the first contest man against machine of Jeopardy the supercomputer of IBM Watson defeated in all the turns to the champions  Ken Jennings and Rutter Brad. In a game of Watson practice, the supercomputer of IBM humiliated ex-champions, but a new game will be televised in YorkTown from the 14 to the 16 of February. For IBM, the Jeopardy challenge represents the next stage in the challenge of the creation of equipment that can imitate human intelligence. David Ferrucci, the main scientist of the equipment of Watson, said in a previous interview that the challenge of processing of the natural language can be intense, due to the many forms in the same information can be transmitted. An equipment of scientists of IBM passed four years developing a computer science system that can compete with a human being to respond to the questions formulated in natural language. IBM has stayed enough silence on most of the architecture of Watson, that has recognized that is driven by a server IBM Power 7. " After four years, our team of scientists thinks that Watson is ready this challenge to include/understand quickly what Jeopardy is asking: to analyze the information, to find answers precise, and to develop to a confidence in the precision of its answer " , Ferrucci in an official notice said. " Beyond our enthusiasm by the party, our equipment is very motivated by the possibilities that the innovating capacities of Watson for the creation to maintain a planet more intelligent and to help to the people in its tasks of business and life personal" , it added.

Source: Google news


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