Technews 4 everyone: Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

New the Motorola, that new born the 6 from January, also hopes to be brilliant during Consumer Electronics Show - ESC in Fertile valleys. It will present/display a preliminary version of its digital tablet, that will have Xoom name. It will come equipped with the operating system Android of Google, version 3.0 that has name Honeycomb code. As this operating system will not be ready before the month of March, the Xoom tablet could only be in the market at the end of March. Version 3.0 of Android is developed to be used in great screens and with equipment with more powerful processors. The other possibility is that Xoom comes with a secret version of the operating system Android 2,30 or 2,40, that also would be designed for great screens the more of the used ones by movable telephones. The Xoom would use the processor Tegra 2 of Nvidia, of double nucleus.

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