Technews 4 everyone: In hours the Mac App Store will be available

In hours the Mac App Store will be available

They have already spent several months since the arrival of the Mac App Store announced, the store of applications for Mac OS X that takes to the operating system of Apple the concept of store of applications that is working so well in the movable devices of the company. As or we know from the past month the store will be sent the 6 of January, or what is the same, tomorrow. And although into official form Apple it has not informed in which moment of the day will be available as usually he is habitual in the Apple world already are rumors that aim in which moment could be sent. According to the unloading informs the page Web The Loop into the Mac App Store would be available from the 12 of the noon in the coast this of the United States, being the 9 in the coast the west. In Spain they would be the 6 of afternoon (one hour less in the Canary Islands), the 2 of afternoon in Argentina and the 11 in the morning in Mexico. Tomorrow we will see if these forecasts are fulfilled and as it begins to affect the arrival from the store to the unloading of applications of traditional form. 

Source:The Loop


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