Technews 4 everyone: Skype acquires the video company streaming Qik

Skype acquires the video company streaming Qik

Skype acquired Qik, the video site streaming, like part of a effort to extend its service of voice and video beyond the computers. Skype also announced in Consumer Electronics Show Thursday that soon will be available in Sony televisions Wild, as well as TV of Vizio. The software of Skype also will be sold with some reproducers Panasonic Blu-ray, but the users with televisions other marks also will be able to make calls of Skype, said the company. The users only need to have a camera Web connected to the part superior of the television to make the calls of television. Skype also said that it sent his service of video in group, and that is going to cost 8,99 dollars in EE.UU by service of a month. This announcement occurred to know in a press conference presented/displayed by Tony Bats, recently named director of Skype. Bats refused to say how much Skype by Qik paid, although a report published in Business Insider, mentioning anonymous sources, affirms that they were $ 100 mdd. 

Source: PC World 


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