Technews 4 everyone: Microsoft presents/displays a device similar to a multitactile table

Microsoft presents/displays a device similar to a multitactile table

The name of the platform is Surface and works on a surface able to recognize 50 meeting points developed by Samsung.

Microsoft has presented, during the speech of Steve Ballmer in Consumer Electronics Show 2011, the new generation of its Surface platform, applied to new surface SUR40, developed by Samsung. This new surface, 10 centimeters thinner than its previous version, consists of a screen Full HD 1080p of 40 inches, cover with a temperate crystal lamina Gorila Glass. The price of launching will be of 7.600 dollars, and so it has been reduced considerably with respect to his previous version (12.500 dollars). Although its standard format is the one of a table, also it is possible to place it in a wall thanks to the fact that no longer it uses cameras underneath the table to recognize the fingers. In its place utilza the PixelSense technology that is able to catch more than 50 meeting points. As far as their engineering specifications, Dual-Core to 2.9GHz matched with graphs of a GPU AMD Radeon HD counts on a processor AMD Athlon II x2 6700M to have DirectX 11 running in an integrated version of Windows 7 Professional to 64bits. One knows that he will be available at the end of the 2011 in 23 countries.

Source: Consumer Electronic Show 2011


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