Technews 4 everyone: Facebook on Wall Street?

Facebook on Wall Street?

The social network Facebook would make its entrance to Wall s$street for 2012, according to experts and in this way it will have to reveal its financial results or to realise an initial public supply of action. The Wall Street Journal newspaper informed at the beginning of 2011 that Facebook thinks to exceed the 500 shareholders and in this way it will have to keep awake important financial data, although I could choose to continue being private or to leave to Stock market. Although Facebook not yet has made commentaries on the matter, specialists hope that for April of 2012 the company will begin to reveal its financial information. If this occurs, the company/signature will have to take into account that to leave to stock-market can be a painful process for the technological ones which still they battle with the sequels of the explosion of the bubble puntocom. And also if Facebook " it does friend" of Wall s$street he will be subject to the hard regulations and the searching glance of the analysts. 

Source: Google News


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