Technews 4 everyone: Google erased by error mails of 150 thousand users of Gmail

Google erased by error mails of 150 thousand users of Gmail

At least 150 thousand users of Gmail when entering their account Sunday took the disagreeable surprise of which his mails and contacts had disappeared. The unique thing and so they were was with a welcome message as if outside the first time that used the service, informed BBC. The causes of this problem, that affected,08% of the total of users still are being investigated, informed Google. In the forum of Google and Twitter, users complained having lost “years of information” and requested “aid”. The company informed in its page of update of services that or was found out the problem and that its equipment or is working to solve it. They apologized and they detailed that the affected ones could not have access to their account temporarily while this is repaired. The options that are offered for the affected ones are to use an application of Google to obtain a copy of their eliminated messages.


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