Technews 4 everyone: Metal Gear Online receives an update

Metal Gear Online receives an update

Konami sent an update for Gear Metal Online, the multiplayer way including in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, that was sent almost three years ago, the 12 of June of 2008. The update is designed to improve the game experience, since according to the company, the patch " it detects fraudulent networking, which slows down the game during sesiones." Here we presented/displayed diverse additional improvements to you: * Rebalance to the arms. * The parameters of some general abilities will be readjusted, like the ones of the unique personages. * Changes to acquire arms with Drebin Points. * Improvements to the movement of the personages. * The inactive players will be expelled from the games in Matching Car. This multiplayer way strongly was criticized by the use of Konami YOU GO, and although for many fanatics of the tax exemption it is an excellent option, his success was decreased because the creation of an additional account was required to be able to accede to the game way. Anyway, he is pleasant to see that Konami continues supporting to the game almost three years after its launching. 



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