Technews 4 everyone: Stylus for the apple

Stylus for the apple

He is quite strange that Apple chose to call iPad to its tablet when in fact it is not possible to be used especially of the form which you would use a “pad” or pad of paper, when is to draw or to write with a pen. The touch screen of the device is made to be controlled with a finger or two. In some cases it is possible to use stylus to simulate the experience to write, but inclusively thus it is difficult to be able to take notes or to realise drawings when using iPad. This could soon change according to a new file of patent shortage by blog Patently Apple. That patent reflects that a pen created especially for iPad would be functional like an input device. Apple has gone beyond which at the moment we know like stylus since in him it will integrate an accelerometer that will detect the movement. According to Patently Apple, this technology could be used to draw or in painting programs and to select “colors, sizes of brush, width of line and rough draft functionality.” Steve Jobs has said in repeated times that a pen in a tablet is fault sign. During a presentation of iPad in 2007, and also in 2010, Jobs he said: “If you see stylus they ruined, it.” But these declarations always are susceptible to a change if it is considered that Steve sometimes said that the company never would create an electronic reader, telephone or computer of more accessible price, later to create the three things. Then why there would be Apple to create a pen for his famous tablet? In agreement with a person who works with iPad to the interior of the company of the apple and that it does not have allowed to speak publicly about products of the company, the reason to add stylus is to arrive at a greater number of children in the school. “She is one of the barriers for the children in the school and students of university to buy iPad since they require of the ability to take notes by hand and to draw in class,” it said the anonymous source. Although similar solutions for iPad already exist, being stylus developed by Apple, the new pen surely will give much of what speaking with its operation. Although perhaps he is not something totally innovating, the certain thing is that in Cupertino usually they create attractive products.

Source: The New York Times


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