Technews 4 everyone: Popular users in Facebook have more stress

Popular users in Facebook have more stress

The users of Facebook with a great number of friendly suffer mainly in greater amount of stress, generated by the necessity to update continuously their profiles to entertain to their extensive hearings. For the investigation, realised by the University of Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, information of students was compiled on its feelings towards the social network; three quarters of these were women. " We find that those with more contacts and than had spent more time in the site, have more probabilities of experiencing stress" , it assures Kathy doctor Charles, whom the study led. At least 12% of the interviewed people said that Facebook makes feel anxiety. This group counted with more than 110 friendly in the social network, whereas the average between the rest of the students was of little more than 70 contacts. " It is like a minichannel of the news on same you. It enters more friendly you have grows the feeling of which you have in fact one hearing. You are as a minicelebrity and enters more hearing you have you feel more pressure to produce things on your self" , it adds Charles. Another one of the preoccupations of this user group was that also they felt anxiety if when thought about leaving the network social, this by the fear to lose information important or to offend his contacts. Consulted by the newspaper Telegraph, Eleanor Barlow, specialist in ciberpsicology in IBM, it said that although the study was to him interesting would not have to be applied to the totality of the users of Facebook. " The students generally use the social network of a form very different from the rest from us. They are exploring their identity to that age, even when they are in line " , he warns. The doctor Charles, nevertheless, thinks that the use of the social network maintains to its users in `limb neurotic' , where they do not know if they must remain more time connected in case they lose themselves of something good, as it happens with the better ones in a casino. 

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