Technews 4 everyone: Google Maps will indicate the traffic on your city

Google Maps will indicate the traffic on your city

With the new update of Google Maps we will be able to obtain alternative routes while we used the navigator function who includes the own program following the traffic. Until now we had the possibility on foot of marking routes or in car until the place in the map that we wished. The newness is that Google Maps will mark to the ways and avenues in which majors form turnpikes to help us to choose alternative routes. In blog of Google Mobile it was explained that this new function will save time because will avoid hours to us in the traffic. Google Maps Navigation will study the route by defect that would occur to the user and will verify if in that way is too much automobile traffic. Of being thus, automatically will be the alternative route so that the arrival to the destiny is fastest. This new function is available for the United States and Europe solely, concretely in the cities or zones that have data of the traffic in real time in the servants of Google. Nevertheless, it is very probable east service expands quickly. 

Source: Blog Google Mobile


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