Technews 4 everyone: HP will eliminate Windows of their computers

HP will eliminate Windows of their computers

After HP presented/displayed WebOS, its own operating system, announced that it will be including in all computers as of the 2012, which means that the operating system Windows (of Microsoft) will stop being the official platform of the mark. Even so, HP assures that it will give to the users the possibility of choosing between using the operating system of HP or the one of Windows, when to buy their equipment. The operating system of HP was created after the acquisition of Palm in April of the 2010, by that the company paid 1.200 million dollars. With Palm, HP acquired the operating system that now will be the heart of all the Hewlett-Packard equipment. The arrival of I read Apotheker to the company, previously CEO of SAP, also motivated a product reorientation of the mark towards software. According to it indicated Apotheker in previous declarations, the intention of the company is to create an own platform that presents/displays majors incentives for the programmers who decide to work for their operating system. The main technical characteristics of WebOS, are: * Support to Multitasking tasks. That is to say, to be able to play videojuego, to review the email, to use the calendar and to chatear, all at the same time, for example. * Function “Just Type”. To transfer all the functions of your computer to your cellular one * Compatible with Adobe Player Flash * Direct access to social networks * Wireless connection Bluetooth for the keyboard and mouse.

Hp computer (used for illustration)


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