Technews 4 everyone: IPAD 2 appeared It is necessary to buy it?

IPAD 2 appeared It is necessary to buy it?

As all we already know, ipad 2 was presented/displayed the 2 of March and it will be possible to be bought in Spain and Mexico the 25 of March, in the United States, day 11 of this same month. Already tablets in the market are several and many for being are sent more. Tablet of Motorola is also spoken much of 3,0 Android and: Xoom. So the doubt arises: what tablet to buy? he is iPad 2 far better that the other tablets? iPad original is an excellent product, that leaves with good flavor of mouth when using it. But already many tablets will surpass their specifications of hardware. iPad 2 makes level the competition with the other tablets, as far as specifications and characteristics, because in popularity there is no competition. Taking into account the points that Steve Jobs in the presentation of iPad 2 emphasized, we make a brief analysis. First than Jobs spoke, was the processor: Double nucleus, twice more express than a4 of iPad original and 9 times faster in graphical processing. Compared with iPad 1, this is listened to excellent, but others tablets already have those characteristics. For example Motorola Xoom, Dell 7 Streak and Blackberry Playbook have a processor of double nucleus. Frontal and back camera. Again, compared with iPad original, it is a substantial improvement, but compared with others tablets, he is something that is almost one obligation to include in the apparatus. Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry PlayBook and almost all the tablets that there is and it will have, count on two video cameras. There are few marks that realise designs like Apple, the truth is that the apparatus is very aesthetic and by that side, will be difficult that somebody does competition to him. Although in that field we depend on the opinion, which causes that it is subjective. iPad 2 is lighter and thinner than iPad 1. The time of life of the battery of iPad 2 is the same that the one of iPad original. Steve Jobs sold this to us like a virtue in the presentation event, since he formulates to find it to conserve the time of life of the battery, doing a thinner apparatus and light, he is difficult for the companies. But that is not problem ours, would have been a fault of Apple to present/display a product with an autonomy smaller than the one of its previous version. The battery of iPad 2 lasts 10 hours. The times of the battery of others tablets are similar to that: PlayBook and Motorola Xoom also have 10 hours of autonomy. Jobs also announced an accessory so that iPad 2 has exit of video HDMI, which tablets as Motorola Xoom already has integrated and is not needed to buy any accessory. Generally the update of iPad was modest. A medium step to improve the original version, but only one leveling with the competition. Another one of tablets that is outlined to be of the best ones is Motorola Xoom, nevertheless, some of the things which they still promised are not available, like the support of Flash. So there will be to hope to that the system of tablet has reached all their potential, if someday does. Another one of the things that Jobs said, went that to the number of applications for iPad, it surpasses by much to the number of applications for Android 3.0. That is truth, although an unjust comparison, Android 3,0 is a system just left the furnace and iPad already is almost a year old in the market. Noncritic to Jobs by the unjust thing of the comparison (this is businesses), I only point the trap in the speech. The price of ipad 2 is the good news. The cheapest version of new tablet of Apple, will have the same price that had iPad 1, 499 dollars in the United States. Version of iPad 2 of 32 GB Wi-Fi 3G, that is the one that can be analogar with Motorola Xoom, will have a price similar to tablet of Motorola. iPad of 32 GB 3G will cost 729 dollars and Motorola Xoom has a price of 799 dollars. I would hope to buy one tablet. Mainly if already they have iPad. iPad original works perfectly well, has the capacity to quickly support and to run all the software that there is in the App Store, so it would not be necessary to hurry to only follow a fashion. Tablet with Android 3.0 would also hope to buy one. If it fulfills what promises. If it is possible, to be proven it and to be seen reviews of the experts when it already has all the things that have promised. In summary, the next month will not be a good time to buy iPad 2 perhaps or no other tablet, later already we have more information and we pruned to make one better decision.
Ipad 2 are you going to buy it?
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