Technews 4 everyone: Creator of Facebook makes profile to his dog

Creator of Facebook makes profile to his dog

Of white coat, black eyes and nose, the puppy of Beast name was united yesterday to Facebook, under the company/signature of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan like proprietors. The mascot of a pains 2 months of age, was acquired by the pair and lives with them in High Wood, the EU. In its profile, Beast counts on photos of him in the arms of Zuckerberg. Pricilla and Mark raised photos of the new puppy while this removing the language, laid down in the ground or jugueteando with them. This has brought about hundreds of commentaries on the part of more than 5 thousands adhered to its wall, by click of " I like". According to Lab42, page of studies of market by Internet, 14% of the users of Facebook in the United States counts on a profile for its mascot. Beast defines in the section of personal information that it belongs to the Puli race, that is a type of provenuiente dog of Hungary that is a ovejero dog. It adds that he is " extremely beauty. In their wall commentaries that give the welcome to the network, comparisons with dogs of the same race and until cometary of associations are observed that safeguard to the animal or greetings of other dogs affiliates to Facebook. 

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