Technews 4 everyone: YouTube acquires Next New Networks

YouTube acquires Next New Networks

YouTube, the site property of Google, will bet to the creation of own contents, and in this way, to have a new source of income. In order to obtain it acquired it to the company Next New Networks, a producer of videos online, that according to rumors itself, cost to Google 50 million to him dollars. It is not necessary to forget until now that, YouTube only lives on the publicity sale, that according to Forrester Research, has not been much. “YouTube generates income for the external creators (to the videos who offer to publish their publicity it offers a commission to them by each click that receives) but does not only stop the company”, Forrester Research said. YouTube is the site of videos online until now more used of the world (the ranking of Alexa places as the third used site more) but has more and more competing, mainly in the sale of contents, like iTunes, Hulu (in the United Kingdom he is most popular) and Netflix. Like first initiative, YouTube will create a called program “YouTube Next” that will help the creators of videos, with those who it publishes his publicity, to create more professional contents, than allow them to have more public (and therefore, gains). “As far as possible, we will separate the platform of YouTube of the platform that creates special contents for Google (like Google TV)”, it assured Tom Pickett, global director of contents of YouTube. WHO IS NEXT NEW NETWORKS? Next New Networks obtained a hearing of 2.000 million of “views” (seen) per month, thanks to the fact that it taught how to distribute videos in all type of platforms Web, how to attract publicity and how to find new hearings. Also, this company created programs online like “Barely Political” and “Indy Mogul”, that besides seeing itself in YouTube, also was distributed in iTunes and Vimeo. Also it can be conceited to have created two of the videos more seeing in YouTube during the 2010 (“You see Intruder Song” and “Glitter Puke”) that altogether generated 110 million of “views”. Altogether, it has produced almost 15.000 videos to see itself in Internet. Through his blog, the CEO and cofounder of the company/signature, Fred Seibert, explained that at the moment, the company will work like a called area “YouTube Next Lab” and a Group of Development of Hearings.

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