Technews 4 everyone: creators of Youtube buy Delicious

creators of Youtube buy Delicious

The equipment of Delicious, the social network that allows to share the Web sites of the list of “Favorites”, announced that finally it has new owners: Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the creators of YouTube. Like creators of the most popular platform of video, they have the experience sufficient to maintain with life and to improve Delicious”, said to the social network through corporative his blog. There are no details of how much money is involved in this transaction. Delicious was in the list of services that Yahoo! wanted to close in December of the 2010, to eliminate some expenses. And although months later, Yahoo! confirmed that it would not sell it, the social network occurred to the task of looking for independently economic resources to autobuy it themselves, or, to find some industralist who wanted to buy it. Today, Yahoo! continues operating this social network and it will not separate of this company but until July (of this year), with the idea to make a transition of employees and users more organized. We are thankful to all to use Delicious. Also we are thankful for the patience to them that they will at this moment have of transition”, added the equipment of the social network. Delicious assures that at no moment it will interrupt the service. Even so, for those who feel like intranquilos with this news, it has created a forum to solve some doubts. WHO ARE THE NEW OWNERS Chad Hurley is one of the cofounders of YouTube, that sold to Google, along with the other two creators, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, by 1.650 million dollars in the 2006, to months of its launching (it was created in the 2005). And although it remained in the equipment of Google, under the position of executive director of YouTube, resigned to the company in the 2010. Steve Chen, on the other hand, acted like technical director of YouTube. Like Hurley, work before in PayPal, the company that the security of the electronic payments qualifies, and even, comprised of the equipment of Facebook (before creating YouTube). 



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