Technews 4 everyone: What you need to work in Google?

What you need to work in Google?

It will animate knowledge to you that, at least in Google, a general average of 10 is not necessary to comprise of its rows. McDowell recognizes that the myth of excellent qualifications enough is assumed, discards but it. " When I was united to Google, my team of eight people included three that not even they had university title. And the following engaged colleague did not have a general average so bueno" , McDowell remembers. For her, " the academy is only one forms of distinguirte, but there are many others. So if your general average, or your school, does not emphasize, it explores other routes. In addition, you must blunt in multiple areas so that your curriculum is chose". McDowell says that Google looks for: Passion by the technology: You read technological sources of intelligence? You can speak on the last developments and tendencies? You like to imagine new forms to apply or to improve the technology? Prepárate to comment it with your interviewer. Passion by the company: Like in any company technological leader, people in charge of hirings wants to see that you are familiarized with products of company, and if you have suggestions of how far better they could improve. Creativity: " If it is requested to you to design something from zero, you could propose manifolds functions that you would like to include? " , McDowell asks. " When it is requested to solve a problem to you, you defy supposed or limitations? " An example or two of your previous activities could be useful in the interview. Initiative: This " it could consist of something as unusual as to mount a sample of fotografía" , McDowell explains, or to initiate blog, to undertake a business or of toiling in a nonlucrative organization. " How you have surpassed yourself and you advanced? " , the expert asks. " What you have done outside the work, or the university? " It emphasizes the profits that nobody asked to you but that you assumed by mere enthusiasm. The technological companies value these aspects in all the candidates, not only in just graduated. " In the end, everything is transformed to this: You can communicate how you could help the company? Passion, creativity, initiative, and an attitude of `to do cosas' they are signals that puedes" , it points McDowell. That it does not stop an academic average, lánzate to you and good luck!



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