Technews 4 everyone: Wii 2 in way: Nintendo is growing

Wii 2 in way: Nintendo is growing

today I read this in PC world:

Rumors aim that Wii 2 will be the attempt of Nintendo to reclaim the market hardcore. Anyway, graphs with better capacity are going to improve the relations with the developers that comprehensibly are tired to create games that could well be in the GameCube. The certain thing is that to Nintendo an update in its homemade console needs well to him, because Microsoft and PlayStation already did the own thing with Kinect and PlayStation Move, respectively, (Although it is necessary to admit that the proposal of Sony is only an improved version of the controls of the first Wii). What proposal will bring Nintendo to us? If something characterizes to Nintendo is the innovation in its form of game, we remember the controls of the Wii and the screen 3D without needing lenses of its new Nintendo 3DS. So an innovation in Wii 2 will not be absolutely surprising CVG spoke with his " sources of industria" and they indicate that the new control of Wii is a control with an integrated screen of tactile high resolution. 

Source: PC world


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