Technews 4 everyone: Google sends competition of Facebook

Google sends competition of Facebook

Google, the international finder of services in Internet, today presented/displayed a new social network, with which it hopes to become the competing major of Facebook. The company/signature needed in an official notice that the new service ' Google+' it reunites many characteristics of Facebook, but with remarkable differences, which will serve to attract million users. The new social network is oriented to be useful what the heel of Aquilles of Facebook is considered, exhibited the document. It emphasized that by its configuration, Facebook allows, without selecting it, to share all the information with an ample number of friendly, is of the work, the school, church and others, instead of to restrict it to the circle of known near. However, Google+ will allow the user to have a greater privacy, when being designed to be shared with groups like friendly, fellow workers or relative, instead of to be open in general form. The company, with soothes in Mountain View, California, indicated that the new network promises to give to the user the opportunity to share ' only the correct things with people correct'. Unlike Facebook, Google+ will allow the user to maintain conversations with video, similar to which offers in its service of electronic mail Gmail, but with a strong distinction: the users will be able to see themselves and to talk to each other of simultaneous way. Another area of the new social network, baptized like ' Sparks' (Flashings or Sparks) it would suggest to usuary articles to read, videos, music and other new features that Internet offers, on the basis of the own interests of the person. Huddle, another service, will simultaneously facilitate to the users sending messages of text to several people, characteristic that has attracted much public the sites offer that it. 

Source:Google + project


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