Technews 4 everyone: The Museum of Me a exhibition of your social life on facebook

The Museum of Me a exhibition of your social life on facebook

Museum Of   Me:  a species of promotion for the Intel processor Core i5, but in fact it is disfrutable than any other publicity with which you have run into. The main intention is to create a museum on whom he is the user according to his profile of Facebook. First that you must do it is to connect your account of Facebook with the application. Intel does not store the information of the account, simply creates a video where all the information in a species of route by a museum of modern art accommodates, are images, text, facilities and a music that stops to be to them honest… affected to me just a little bit. By all means it shows images of your friendly, apparently with which you have had activity more recently. It also shows to some photos and a wall with a text screen than it has been published in the profile. Also there is a section of the videos that have risen the profile and a species of statue of “likes”. No longer I must ruin to them plus the experience. It visits the page and say it what it seemed to you. 
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Source: Intel(Trade mark) The Museum of Me  

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