Technews 4 everyone: Chromebook review

Chromebook review

In a effort to educate to the masses on the new platform of calculation that wants to impose Google, it has been sent in a deal with Virgin America so that the passengers can prove the Chromebooks in select trips in the United States. The Chromebooks will be available in trips between the international airport of San Francisco (SFO) and the Logan Airport in Boston (YOU), the airport O'Hare de Chicago (ORD) or the one of Scythes, Forworth (DFW). The travellers will be able to find the area in the waiting rooms, the “Chrome Zone “, where a Chromebooks will be able to be obtained to be used within the flight, as well as to be able to use it before approaching. The use of laptop and the access to WiFi will be gratuitous (although it is necessary to give the credit card surely to avoid robberies and deviations). Specialized personnel of Google will be present to help the passengers and to take the machines from return to the destination airports. The scheme will work from first of July to the end of September of the 2011. Google has announced, in addition, that is working with the Ace Hotel of New York so that the guests can borrow a Chromebook to use it inside or outside the hotel. The supply also will expire when finalizing the month of September of this year. And although To make Chromebook not yet leaves on sale (supposedly he will be available from the 11 of July, in Amazon), is a single Chromebook in the market at the moment: Samsung Series 5 of 12,1 inches, which has like basic characteristicses, 8,5 hours of battery, less than 10 seconds of start-up time and 16 GB of storage SSD. The suggested cost is of about 429,99 dollars for the version WiFi and 499,99 for the version 3G+WiFi.

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 Source: gizmag


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