Technews 4 everyone: The top 100 most popular Google+ users

The top 100 most popular Google+ users

Thus it has been the play. Facebook is the social network number one with more than 500 million users. Google sent to east summer its own social platform to share content in the Web, to this we know it service like Google+. Now it is that “pluser more” followed it is Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO don't mention it more and nothing less than the competition. According to Google+ Statistics, the followed user more in this new platadorma is Mark Zuckerberg with 21.213 followers. Soon he follows the CEO of Google with 14.798, later the one in charge of all the social one in the same company Vic Gundotra with 13,783. The Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin has 11.629 followers. The list follows and follows with the most outstanding names of the world of the technology, et cetera, et cetera. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, creator of Google+ Statistics, offers a sensible explanation: Zuckerberg has more friendly than nobody in the world, he made a film exceeds, and is more handsome than Larry and Sergei.” Boris I could joke on the matter, but when one is to obtain followers he enters more publicity has a user the number will grow. He will matter who is followed in Google+? Perhaps the important number is whichever users finish in fauces of Google. On the other hand this is a little humorous, although the relation is only for laughing a little to us: we published yesterday that an extension of Chrome was sent to export the information of your friendly of Facebook to Google+, today is that most popular of “plusers” it is the landlord of the competition. You rob friendly I gain you to I to followers?



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